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For many people, the cost of travel to their abortion is one of the greatest obstacles to getting their abortion — that’s why The Brigid Alliance coordinates and pays for abortion travel. The Brigid Alliance Advocates are a committed group of donors helping to cover the increased need for abortion travel. Make a gift of $500 or more and join the Brigid Alliance Advocates today.‌

Abortion rights are under attack and we’ve seen a massive surge in the need for travel, food, lodging, and child care support as more abortion seekers are forced to travel long distances to access essential health care. Help us face this growing demand as a Brigid Alliance Advocate.

Additionally, if you’re a Brigid Alliance Advocate who donates monthly, you have access to our Donor Portal app. You can follow these directions to download the app where you’ll be able to manage your recurring gifts, change your payment method, a view your giving history.

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Your gift will make a difference for people seeking abortion care

As more states have restricted abortion, the travel required is often farther and more expensive. But we believe travel expenses should not be the barrier between a person and their abortion. If you agree, join the Brigid Alliance Advocates now.

This isn’t just about a plane ticket, your gift today will help cover all travel expenses and support:

Illustration Transportation

We book and pay for transportation.

Illustration Lodging

We book and pay for hotel stays.

Illustration Meal assistance
Meal assistance

We reimburse for food costs.

Illustration Childcare

We reimburse for child care.

Illustration Coordination

Our coordinators work with the client, their provider, their support person, and caregiver throughout their travel.

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Our client-facing coordinators are full-time staff, trained to deliver non-judgmental, trauma-informed and compassionate support.

Make a tax-deductible donation today.

The Brigid Alliance is one of the only national organizations providing support for people who need to travel for abortion care. We are currently helping up to 140 clients per month, with an average cost of $2,300/client. Your generous donation today could partially cover one person’s travel and get them to the abortion they need.

(Please note that you can cancel your recurring gift at any time by contacting us at

Checks made out to The Brigid Alliance can be mailed to PO Box 58, New York, NY 10024.

If your donation is in honor of someone, please follow the Tribute instructions in the ‘thank you’ email you receive after completing your gift.

The Brigid Alliance is a 501(c)(3) organization. Our EIN number is 82-3843989.

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