Elizabeth Banks & Sigourney Weaver Share How The Brigid Alliance Helps People Access Abortion Care
October 26, 2022

For decades, advocates across the country have fought hard for a day when all people have access to safe, affordable abortions. Right now, as new state laws continue to tightly restrict access, The Brigid Alliance is committed to getting people to abortion care, by booking, coordinating, and paying for travel, travel expenses, and child care. We serve as a single, trusted point of contact for every step of the abortion access journey.

We’re proud to partner with the new film, Call Jane, inspired by true events, which tells a story about the brave advocates in the years before Roe v. Wade who helped people access care.

Now, in a new video, the film’s stars, Sigourney Weaver and Elizabeth Banks, are calling on viewers to support organizations working toward abortion access right now – including The Brigid Alliance. Please watch and share the new video, and don’t miss Call Jane, in theaters October 28.

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