Highlighting Innovative & Inspiring Ways Donors Are Stepping Up
July 15, 2022

Since the Dobbs ruling, our team at The Brigid Alliance has been astounded by the myriad ways that people have stepped up. Hundreds of donors already in our network returned to give again, thousands of new donors found our work and made contributions, and people from coast to coast – and even internationally – launched fundraisers, all in the name of helping people who are forced to travel long distances for abortion care. We’re honored to have your support. 

It has been such a challenging time for the abortion access movement, and for people in states who have suddenly found themselves forced to travel many miles just to access abortions. But the amount of energy that has flooded in for abortion funds and practical support organizations like The Brigid Alliance has given us hope: Hope that we can rise above oppressive anti-abortion laws and help as many as people as possible get the care they need and deserve. 

Here are just a few of the innovative ways that supporters are stepping up this summer:

  • Bake Sales: From New York and Brooklyn to Seattle and all the way to Copenhagen, bakers and pastry artists have united to raise funds and build community for abortion access. 
  • Musicians and Entertainers: Singers like Margaret Glaspy have written new songs to benefit abortion rights (and are coordinating a live benefit show), Lorde has donated proceeds from her merch sales, Bon Iver matched $22,000 in donations to The Brigid Alliance, and actors and comedians have hosted shows benefiting our work.
  • Art and Crafts: Artists are turning to their work to support The Brigid Alliance, from Tuca & Bertie’s Lisa Hanawalt contributing sales of her prints to grassroots artists holding raffles for custom pottery, T-shirts, and other crafts. 
  • Book Sales: Our partners at McSweeney’s have donated to The Brigid Alliance through sales of the new anthology, I Know What’s Best For You, and bookstores – including Greenlight in Brooklyn – are donating a portion of sales to our work. 
  • Themed dinners and signature cocktails: Chefs, restaurant owners, and bartenders are creating cocktails, hosting wine nights, and selling tickets to specific dinners in support of The Brigid Alliance. 
  • Online Fundraisers: Thousands of you have made contributions on Instagram, Facebook, and Tiltify – or created your own. Thank you so much. 

What’s striking about each of these fundraisers is that people are tapping into their skills – whatever they are – and finding a way to leverage them in support of abortion access. 

We’ll need to keep up energy like this – not only the fundraisers but the advocacy, protest, and conversation – in the months and years ahead. But for now, we wanted to send an enormous THANK YOU your way and share some of the fundraisers that have energized our team during this bleak period.

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