More People Than Ever Before Are Being Forced to Travel for Abortion Care
March 30, 2023

At The Brigid Alliance, we are working to build a country where abortion care is borderless, burden-free, and accessible to all – but right now, there is an absolute crisis of abortion access in the United States. Thirteen states now have total and near-total bans on abortion, and many more are at risk of following suit. Since last summer’s Supreme Court ruling dismantling Roe v. Wade, the number of people who need to travel for care has quadrupled – and the average distance they must travel has increased by hundreds of miles. Support from our donors allows us to meet this growing need.

At The Brigid Alliance, we work nationwide to arrange and fund confidential transportation, lodging, childcare, and logistical assistance for people forced to travel long distances for abortion care. We exist to get people to and from the abortion care they need. In addition to booking and funding bus or plane tickets, gas and parking, we arrange and pay for food, lodging, mobile phones to maintain communication and, for the majority of abortion seekers who already have young children, childcare. 

Our client-facing coordinators are full-time staff, trained to deliver non-judgmental, trauma-informed and compassionate support, and the funding we provide is unconditional – we trust that our clients know best what they need. Since our launch in August 2018, The Brigid Alliance has helped more than 3,250 individuals from across the country and abroad. Over the last 3 years we’ve doubled our budget year over year, maintaining a 100/100 score from Charity Navigator all the way. That’s because we are focused on scaling efficiently and effectively, thanks to sustainable, reliable funding from supporters like you.

We’ve often said that The Brigid Alliance was made for this moment, as we launched specifically to fund and arrange the logistics for people forced to travel for an abortion. But even still, the number of people who need our services has skyrocketed.

We are eager to address the surging need – and we can do it with your help. Donations from supporters like you are so critical to ensuring we can expand our work and help as many people as we can through their abortion journeys. Together, we will continue to close the gap between the need for an abortion and the ability to access one. 

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