Odile Schalit on the Skyrocketing Need for Abortion Travel
December 14, 2022

As a supporter of The Brigid Alliance, I know that you’re aware of how terrible the crisis of abortion access in the United States is right now. 13 states now have total and near-total bans on abortion, and 13 more states and three U.S. territories are at risk of following suit. This will likely quadruple the number of people who need to travel for care. 

We’ve often said that The Brigid Alliance was made for this moment, as we launched specifically to fund and arrange the logistics for people forced to travel for an abortion. But even still, the number of people who need our services has skyrocketed. In the first month after Roe v. Wade was overturned, we saw a 50 percent increase in referrals for our services. To say we are stretched thin would be an understatement. 

That’s why we are eager to address the surging need – and we can do it with your help. Donations from supporters like you are so critical to ensuring we can expand our work and help as many people as we can through their abortion journeys.

Here’s what we’re planning for 2023:

  • Our client services team has already grown significantly in preparation for this year, and we have plans to grow our organizational and operational capacity as we grow in volume of service.
  • Staff coordinators dedicated to each region will develop expertise in supporting clients traveling to these areas—by investing in stronger and deeper relationships with local partners and clinics, and by developing specific knowledge of the hotels, transportation options, and other services available. 
  • We also need to continue investing in technology to strengthen the security of our operations and streamline processes for our growing number of clients and staff. 
  • And we are working to deepen our partnerships with local and regional groups across the country to grow the whole network’s capacity for providing practical support. 

With these changes, we will be able to serve almost 100 more clients per month – and we’ll nearly double our impact. We’re excited about this new approach and believe it will allow our entire network of support organizations to reach even more people seeking an abortion.

The Brigid Alliance is used to growing fast and doing it well – over the last 3 years we’ve doubled our budget year over year, maintaining a 100/100 score from Charity Navigator all the way. That’s because we are focused on scaling efficiently and effectively, thanks to sustainable, reliable funding from supporters like you.

I’m asking now for you to continue fueling this work – or, if you’ve already given this holiday season, to thank you and keep you updated on how we’re grappling with the incredible need. If you haven’t given recently and are able to, please click here to make a donation. 

Thank you for working with us to realize our vision of a country in which abortion is borderless, burden-free, and accessible to all.   

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