SCOTUS Leak: Brigid Alliance Anticipates Surge in Demand for Travel to Abortion Care 
May 3, 2022

On Monday POLITICO reported on and shared an alleged draft majority opinion from the Supreme Court indicating that they intend to overturn Roe v. Wade and end federal protections for abortion rights in the U.S.

Statement from Odile Schalit, Executive Director of the Brigid Alliance:

“We and our partners in the abortion access movement have known long before the draft majority opinion from the Supreme Court that abortion rights are under attack in the U.S. Restrictions at the state level already force many to journey long distances to access life affirming health care. So far in 2022, the Brigid Alliance has helped more than 450 people travel to their abortion care, and we anticipate a surge in requests for our support in the coming months. 

“The leaked draft signals that the worst has yet to come, but does not change the fact that today abortion remains legal in all 50 states. We were built for this moment and will continue to support people in traveling to abortion care regardless of what the final Supreme Court decision states.”

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