The Brigid Alliance is a referral based service working with independent and nationally affiliated clinics, abortion funds, local and regional practical support organizations, and volunteer groups to help abortion patients who are traveling long distances to reach their appointments. With our partners we are working to ensure access to essential care in increasingly hostile climates, and to fill an unmet need at national scale: together, we are closing the gap between the right to an abortion and the ability to access one. 

Our close-knit team is trained to provide compassionate support to individuals seeking later abortion care. We create and cover costs for highly customized travel itineraries for  each client, with consideration of distance and local transportation, accommodations, meals, child care, and other associated travel costs like gas, tolls, parking, mobile phones, and more. We provide connectivity and coordination among the many resources and logistics for clients, from the time they leave home to the moment they safely return. 

The Brigid Alliance is a crucial part of the reproductive health ecosystem connecting the geographic and metaphorical dots between policy, providers, practice, and patient.
By alleviating the logistical barriers and financial obstacles of access to care, we are ensuring that everyone has the choice protected by Roe v. Wade—no matter where they live.


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