Post-Election Thoughts on Abortion Access and Political Power
November 10, 2022

This post was written by Odile Schalit, Executive Director of The Brigid Alliance

We’ve always said that support for abortion access is a popular value – and this week’s election results showed once again just how important it is to the American people. 

In Michigan, California, and Vermont, voters overwhelmingly chose to protect abortion access. In Kentucky and Montana, voters rejected a callous ban. These victories are on top of the major win in Kansas from this summer. 

Again and again, when people are given a direct say, they support abortion and reject bans.

Thank you to everyone who worked tirelessly to protect or secure access in these states.

I’m heartened by these results – just as I’ve been heartened every time I’ve seen people share their abortion stories, speak out in favor of abortion access, donate to an abortion fund, or host a fundraiser benefitting abortion care. Every time I feel low about an anti-choice setback, I think about the millions of people who believe everyone should be able to access abortion care, and I remember: There are more of us. 

I also know the importance of remaining realistic here about the work ahead. Unfortunately, abortion access was not on the ballot in every state. In 13 states, abortion remains completely prohibited, and in many other states there are other restrictions either on the books or in legal limbo. We can’t undo those bans in a single election, and thousands of people need to access care right now. Thank you for supporting The Brigid Alliance as we work every single day to help people safely get to their appointments and back home again.

I wanted to send this message not to ask for a donation or urge you to vote – but, rather, to remind you that no Supreme Court Justice, Senator, Governor, or any other elected official has the final say on whether people can access abortion care; we all do.

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