Reflections from The Brigid Alliance Co-Founders on Five Years of Bridging the Distance
November 2, 2023

This note is by Carol Davis, Lenore Davis, and Leah Gould, co-founders of The Brigid Alliance.

This year marks the fifth anniversary of The Brigid Alliance, and we – Brigid’s co-founders, Carol, Leah, and Lenore – are moved to reflect on the journey that has brought us to this milestone. What began as urgent conversations around a kitchen table in late 2016 has grown into a beacon of hope and support for countless individuals.

Our inception was sparked by a shared realization of the dangers to reproductive care posed by an increasingly powerful right-wing political movement. Fueled by apprehension and determination, we were inspired by the resilience of organizations that had been helping abortion seekers travel locally and regionally as restrictions chipped away at access long before the overturn of Roe.

The stories we heard of obstacles people faced to get their abortion care were overwhelming; yet the community-level work that was happening all over the country was inspiring and hopeful. Instead of replicating what other organizations were doing, we were galvanized to create a practical support system focused on unmet needs related to long-distance travel.

Our early days were filled with tireless research and conversations with providers and funds to understand what abortion seekers needed. The Brigid Alliance was born out of these insights and with relentless commitment to make access possible. With each client we served and life we impacted, our commitment deepened.

Reflecting on these five years, we are humbled by how rapidly The Brigid Alliance has grown and the breadth of our impact. Our client-centered ethos has been central to our success. This journey has been, above all, a testament to the courageous individuals who have trusted us to help them overcome the practical barriers—travel, lodging, childcare, and more—that stand between them and the care they need. Their stories are threads in the fabric of Brigid’s history, and they reinforce the importance of our work every day.

As we look ahead, we are reminded that Brigid’s story is still unfolding. The landscape today is as unpredictable as it was five years ago, and we know our team is up to the challenge. Wherever our clients need to go, we are committed to providing all-inclusive and unwavering support to people and their families needing to travel for abortion care.

Over the past five years, The Brigid Alliance has helped nearly 5,000 clients travel long distances to get the abortion care they need in a holistic and caring manner. With your support, we have and will continue to close the gap between the need for an abortion and the ability to access one.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Carol Davis, Lenore Davis, and Leah Gould 

Co-Founders, The Brigid Alliance

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